.     What type of food can I bake?

A. You can bake a wide range of food from cakes and croissants, to pizzas and chicken pies, or even roasted vegetables and fish. The silicone surface ensures that no strong food smells linger on the baking mat as long as it's regularly cleaned properly.

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Q. What are the temperatures it can work in?

A. The SmarterBaking Silicone Baking mat can easily cope with temperatures from -40 to 480F, so you can move it from the oven to the fridge, or the microwave in one easy move.


Q. How easy is it to clean the baking mat?

A. Cleaning the baking mat couldn't be more simple, just wipe the mat with a clean cloth using warm soapy water, then rinse off and dry naturally. After that, simply fold up or store away flat for another day.

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​Q. What size is the baking mat?

A. It comes in one popular Half Sheet size (16 5/8 x 11 inches) and fits perfectly into a standard Half Sheet size baking tray (18 x 13 inches). If you do a lot of baking, you may decide to buy two, one for cakes and one for meat and fish meals.