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***** Excellent results and easy to use

by Emily on August 29,2014

​After a completely failed attempt baking puff pastry tarts on my normal baking tray (the usual - sticking, burnt pastry .................

Here's what more people are saying about SmarterBaking Silicone Baking Mats, including our latest fan - Emily from Seattle!

Q.  Can I use the baking mat for kneading pastry?

A.   The SmarterBaking Silicone Baking Mat is ideal for use a non-stick working surface. And as you don't need to use flour, you avoid those over or under flouring problems that can affect your baking.

Q.  What are the temperatures it can work in?

A.   From -40 to 480F. So you can move it from the oven to the fridge......

When the Book Group came to my place,

My Baking let let me down!

OK. I'm a Brit. Right!

I've been here in the US for just over a year - and I'm lovin' it!

I love the people: I love the job; I love the food and, of course, I love the Country too.

In fact, I thought..........


Questions and Answers


Q. How do baking mats make baking healthier?    ​A. With ordinary baking trays, you need some kind of fat to grease the surface adding calories to your baking. With a SmarterBaking Non-Stick, Silicone Baking Mat, you do not need cooking sprays or oils, so you save on calories and your food is healthier.

Q.  How easy is it to clean the baking mat?

A.  Nothing could be easier. Simply........