***** Both sets baked the same and came off the surface very easily once they were ready

by Ruth Gill on July 28, 2014

I used this to bake some cookies. The recipe said not to grease the cookie sheet, so I placed the silicone mat directly on my insulated baking sheet. It was too small to cover the whole sheet, so 2/3 of the cookies were on the silicone mat and 1/3 directly placed on the baking sheet. Both sets baked the same and came off the surface very easily once they were ready.

One thing I did notice was that, even after washing with soapy water, there were still discernible marks where the cookies had been. 


***** Quick and very easy to clean

by lynngreen on July 28, 2014

Pro's: quick and very easy to clean, I used a gluten free cookie recipe which can sometimes stick more than other recipes, and a spatula took the cookies off with ease. Seems very durable and I'm looking forward to using it again in replace of the parchment paper that is not reusable. Sticks to pan well for holding in place unlike parchment paper and comes off with ease to reveal a clean cookie sheet!

Con's: If I had to be really, really, really picky and try and find something to complain about it would be that it's a hair too short and a hair too wide for my baking sheet but really it didn't matter and worked GREAT!!!


***** Excellent results and easy to use

​by  Emily on August29, 2014

​After a completely failed attempt baking puff pastry tarts on my normal baking tray (the usual - sticking, burnt pastry on the sides but soggy filling on the inside), I decided to invest in one of these SmarterBaking mats after hearing about them from a friend. I have to say, I'm extremely impressed. Really reasonable price, and excellent results. The best thing about the mat is the ease of use - your food doesn't stick and instead of having to scrub it in boiling hot water, you just give it a wipe with the soapy water and you're done. Plus, it's very easy to store as it's a thin, malleable material - so doesn't take up any room at all in my already cluttered kitchen. Old, stained baking trays out - new, non-stick, SmarterBaking mat IN!




***** I used this baking mat twice, once to bake...

by Samantha Flora-Gonzalez on July 30, 2014

I used this baking mat twice, once to bake fish and another to bake cookies. Both times the food came cleanly off the mat with ease.

The only thing I have in terms of critique is that I baked the fish 3 days before the cookies and washed it well, submerging and scrubbing in soapy water in between uses. Unfortunately, the first batch of cookies came out with a fishy odor and flavor. I washed again and baked another batch which also had the same problem.

In the future I'd probably dedicate the mats to baked goods only.

***** This is a great baking mat

by BBQ DADDY on August 20, 2014

​This is a great baking mat. I have used it several times so far. The first thing I tried baking was cookies, and they turned out perfect! They did not stick and I did not have to use any non-stick sprays or parchment paper. I love it. I've baked brownies, biscuits and even fish! The best part is that it is very quick and easy to clean up- I highly recommend this mat to everyone.